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About us

We are the only organized platform that links aspirational Faculty to premier Institutes.

About us

FacultyConnect is a platform that CONNECTS Faculty to Institutes.

Our model aims at bridging the GAP in the education sector today; to continuously reach out to quality and competent Faculty.

The objective of FacultyConnect is to therefore, provide best in class mentors to EDUCATE young minds - We ensure that the Institute gets their best mix of desired Faculty which includes:

  • Academic experts
  • Industry doyens
  • Professionals with teaching experience

We wish to FACILITATE learning and knowledge transfer.

Our platform provides the unique facility of completely on-boarding the Faculty and acquainting them with the methodologies of our partner Institute which include:

  • Academic calendar
  • Course curriculum
  • Grading pattern
  • Course content
  • Presentations and case studies

We also give this platform to academicians for sharing their best practices in forms of research papers and case studies.

The Aspiration

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

- Sydney J Harriss

It is our dream to augment the quality of pedagogy in our country's education system today, by becoming a medium to link best in class Faculty to Institutes and bridge the gap between classroom education and practical application.